Forgelec elektrische oven

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Forgelec electric Forge Forgelec electric Forge Forgelec electric Forge
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The Story of the Electric Forge
Master blacksmith Ludovic Mathieu, an expert in his field, is well aware of the working conditions and drawbacks of using gas in his profession.
Experiencing these issues on a daily basis, Ludovic Mathieu came up with the idea of the electric forge as he returned from a long day's work at his workshop, compelled to quickly replenish his gas supply.
The introduction of gas forges in the 1980s made the farrier trade more mobile, but the challenges of the profession remained manifold:
- Extensive travel (800 to 1000 km per week) with a loaded vehicle;
- Often low rates (60 to 65 euros) that require a high work pace;
- Horses not always well-trained, leading to often unpredictable working conditions;
- The transport of hazardous materials: 2 gas bottles; in addition to the bulk, one needs to manage storage and replenishment.
The use of gas forges has several disadvantages:
- Extreme heat and noise generated by the gas forge;
- Air pollution and emissions of iron oxide fumes;
- Financial burden linked to the rising gas prices;
- Time loss in managing and replenishing the gas stock.
The use of the electric forge brings you:
- Energy independence: electrical consumption is customer's responsibility;
- Environmental respect: zero CO² emissions on-site;
- User comfort: health, safety, silence;
- Time and productivity gains: reduction or even elimination of gas requirements.
FORGELEC improves your working conditions and ensures energy independence.
1 gas bottle of 13 kg at €24 contains 180 kWh and allows for shoeing 40 horses, which amounts to €0.60/horse (4.5 kWh): annual cost = €1,170.
To heat 4 horseshoes, we use 2.8 kWh for 45 minutes, resulting in €0.25/horse (2.1 kWh): annual cost = €500, borne by the customer.
GAS                                                                        ELECTRICITY
Price per kWh                                    €0.13                                                                     €0.12
kWh per horse                                   4.5                                                                          2.1
Cost                                                       €0.585                                                                  €0.25
Annual cost (2000 shoeings)        €1,170.00 excl. VAT                                          €500 excl. VAT



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Forgelec elektrische oven
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